Thing 2: Web 2.0 in 21st Century Learning

I can see so many opportunities for using Web 2.0 tools. Getting all students involved in class discussions when we discuss a novel we are reading is difficult. Setting up small group discussions in the class gets more students involved, but it’s also difficult to monitor all of those in-class discussions.  I would love to set up discussion boards for small groups of my students to respond to questions and discuss the books. While more students can get involved, I can check to see if all of the students are responding and if they are exploring important elements of the book.

Blogs can help with parent student – communication. If students and parents can have blogs automatically downloaded to their computers, they won’t have to remember to check for the homework and classwork assignments on my school web site.

I would also like to post my student’s writing assignments on-line. The more students can share their work with others, the better.  I’d like them to feel like they are writing for more people than just the teacher!  Furthermore, since students like to be on-line on the computer and keeping up with their Facebook pages, they would probably enjoy writing projects in which they create their own blogs and comment on topics pertinent to our classroom.  It sounds like RSS feeds might make it somewhat manageable to check all those commentaries. I can’t wait to find out more about them.

I already do use some of these tools to support my own learning. Just by browsing for information on the web, I run across people’s blogs, podcasts (grammar girl), etc.  I’d like to know more about these tools so I can understand more about the information I have access to. I have tried several times to find groups that discuss young adult literature so I can learn about books that might be good for my students to read.  So far, I’ve fallen flat trying to find a group with actual discussions on teaching or sharing young adult literature.  Hopefully, this class will help me improve my confidence and ability in becoming part of a discussion group.

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  1. I am also looking at ways to involve students in my American Literature classes in blogs and perhaps wikis. I want to have a spot where we can discuss the materials we are studying online. I set up blogs this year, but I am afraid that I waited until too late in the year and did not set up the idea well enough with my students. I’d love to share some ideas.

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