Thing 5: Recent Blog on Friday’s Five

Great links available in the Friday Five – Tools for Teachers Blog posted by Lucie deLaBruere.  If you are a teacher, you may or may not be able to take advantage of the google mail organizational tools since most schools use their own school addresses.  However, the web links to tools for creating screen capture presentations of your PC look fantastic.  These presentations could be viewed later by students who were absent.  They can also be used to show students how to complete a project using a software program they are unfamiliar with.  Additionally, in lieu of taking a test, the students themselves can create short presentations to demonstrate they understand a concept.  And if you have  a SmartBoard or projector set-up at school, she also provides links to web sites which offer zoom-in tools to make it easier for students with vision problems to see what you are demonstrating on the board.

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